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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog
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AHST 116 - Surgical Techniques I with Lab

Credit(s): 6

Prerequisite(s): AHST 101 
Corequisite(s): AHST 201 BIOH 211 BIOM 250 .
This course presents entry-level responsibilities, skills, and competencies of the surgical technologist for the scrub and circulator roles. This course includes lecture, as well as hands-on, role playing, videos, and problem-solving sessions. The lab is limited to small groups, so there will be time for one-on-one teaching and assessment with each student. Students are responsible for teaching and assisting fellow classmates learn techniques and skills. One of the first lessons learned is teamwork and being critiqued by your team, which is a basic concept of the operating room team. (Spring Semester)

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Analyze the role of the surgical technologist in caring for the surgical patient.
  • Verify the preoperative routines that must be completed.
  • Demonstrate the transportation of the surgical patient.
  • Apply the principles of surgical positioning.
  • Demonstrate techniques of opening and preparing supplies and instruments needed for any operative procedure with the maintenance of sterile technique at all times.
  • Summarize the methods of preparation of the operative site for surgery.
  • Demonstrate the application of thermoregulatory devices.
  • Interpret the principles and demonstrate the taking and recording of vital signs.
  • Interpret the principles of urinary catheterization and demonstrate the procedure.
  • Analyze how the principles of operative site preparation and urinary catheterization are related both to patient care and to the principles of asepsis.
  • Demonstrate the proper techniques for the surgical hand scrub, gowning, gloving, and assisting team members.
  • Demonstrate the proper technique for preparing supplies and instruments on a sterile field.
  • Demonstrate and explain in detail the procedure for counting instruments, sponges, needles, and other items on the sterile field.
  • Demonstrate the initial steps for starting a procedure.
  • Demonstrate intraoperative handling of sterile equipment and supplies.
  • Summarize and demonstrate postoperative routines.

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