Dec 10, 2023  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog
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CULA 112 - Fundamentals of Protein Cookery

Credit(s): 5

Prerequisite(s): CULA 105  and CULA 110 
This course integrates the fundamental skills developed  in CULA 110 with more advanced protein cookery techniques, including production and presentation of full plates and concentration on development of flavor.  Topics consist of poultry, meats,  fish, shellfish, meats, charcuterie and fundamental butchery/fabrication techniques in sub-primal cuts.   (Spring Semester)

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Employ a working understanding of food service sanitation operational standards.
  • Demonstrate an increase in: speed; use and selection of equipment and hand tools; knowledge of standard weights and measures; identification of product; achieving and holding foods at correct temperatures; developing an eye for size, scale and accurate portioning; how to operate safely in a commercial kitchen; and organization of work space and mise en place.
  • Write and convert recipes.
  • Develop production schedule for lab assignments.
  • Understand and apply savory culinary terminology and basic cookery methods learned in Fundamentals of Cooking to more advanced preparations of Fundamentals of Protein Cookery.
  • Develop complexity and balance in seasoning, flavoring and plating as it applies to all aspects of production and presentation.
  • Fabricate domestic and wild species of fish, shellfish, fowl and sub-primal cuts of meats.
  • Fillet round and flat fish.
  • Synthesize information given in demonstration, lecture, and daily production to form classic and unique dishes involved in the preparation of the following: fish, shellfish, meats and charcuterie.
  • Complete practical cooking exam that combines Fundamentals of Cooking and Protein Cookery.

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