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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog Archived Catalog

Student Resources

Student Academic Resources

The FVCC Learning Resource Center building houses a number of services and activities designed to promote student access and success in postsecondary education, including

  • Academic Advising;
  • Admissions and Registration;
  • Adult Education and English Language Acquisition;
  • Apprenticeship Placement;
  • Camups Recreation and Wellness;
  • Career Advising and Exploration;
  • Disability Support Services;
  • Financial Aid;
  • Global Programs;
  • Mental Health Counseling;
  • Running Start;
  • Student Engagement;
  • Testing and Proctoring;
  • TRIO Student Support Services Program; and
  • Tutoring Services and Tutoring Labs: Math and Science, and Writing.

Academic Advising

Learning Resource Center Building
For appointments, call (406) 756-3880.

Professional Academic Advisors, in coordination with Faculty Advisors, provide initial advising for Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, certificate, and transfer students.

Academic Advisors provide admissions assistance, new student academic advising and degree planning, major exploration, general financial aid and scholarship information, and transfer assistance. Academic Advisors also assist students in their transition to college and can coach students in basic academic skills including time management, effective study techniques, and test-taking strategies.

Faculty Advisors specific to a student’s program of study are assigned shortly after the student determines a degree or certificate program. Faculty Advisors are a student’s primary professional and academic resource at FVCC.

Adult Education

Funded with federal, state, and local dollars, the free Adult Education classes help students improve their reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and computer skills to obtain a high school equivalency diploma, find employment, retain employment, or build skills to enter postsecondary education.

The Adult Education Center offers FREE day and evening classes in Flathead and Lincoln counties. The center assists individuals 16 years of age and older who wish to

  • Improve reading, writing, math, and computer skills;
  • Prepare for the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test);
  • Refresh academic skills before entering college or a training program;
  • Build employment and life skills to enhance transition to work;
  • Explore career options; and
  • Build English as a Second Language (ESL) speaking, writing, reading, math, and job readiness skills for those whose native language is not English.

HiSET testing is conducted at the FVCC Kalispell and Lincoln County campuses. Call (406) 756-3884 in Flathead County or (406) 293-2721, ext. 235, in Lincoln County for testing schedules, registration, and questions.

Flathead County

Learning Resource Center Building, Room 126 (406) 756-3884

Lincoln County

FVCC Lincoln County Campus, 225 Commerce Way, Libby, MT, (406) 293-2721

Career Services

Learning Resource Center, Room 129
For appointments, call (406) 756-3880

Career planning services are available to students and the community.  Services include

  • college major exploration;
  • career directions;
  • career inventories;
  • individual career advising, decision making, and goal setting; and
  • computerized career assessment tools.

The Career Advisor is a resource for students interested in finding either full or part-time employment or credit internships within their program of study. Services available to FVCC students and alumni include

  • Online job board listing of active jobs from employers who want to hire FVCC students;
  • Internship placement; 
  • Job searching assistance with:
    • Resumes, online templates;
    • Interviewing;
    • Effective job search techniques;
    • Mock interviews;
    • Career events; and
    • Employer research; and
  • Occupational outlook information.


The Apprenticeship Coordinator can help prospective and current students explore apprenticeship opportunities at FVCC and in our community, as well as assist employers with building an apprenticeship and developing workforce talent pipelines. 

Apprenticeships are proven, hands-on training programs designed to provide industry and business-specific skills necessary for a successful career. The “earn while you learn” model combines technical instruction with on-the-job training that features incremental wage increases. Apprentices pair what they learn in the classroom with on-the-job training under the guidance of a mentor for the best professional development experience possible. Upon completion of the program, apprentices earn a portable, nationally-recognized credential as well as a competitive salary that mirrors the experience and competencies they acquired during the apprenticeship. 

Disability Services

Learning Resource Center Building
For appointments, call (406) 756-3880 or email disabilitysupport@fvcc.edu

The Disability Services Coordinator assists in creating reasonable academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Accommodations may include but are not limited to ASL interpreting, note takers, audio books, alternative testing, and assistive technology. To access services and accommodations, students must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator upon their decision to attend FVCC, or immediately following the diagnosis of a disability. Each qualified person shall receive the accommodations needed to ensure equal access to educational opportunities, programs, and activities. FVCC strives to create an accessible and inclusive campus environment for students with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Flathead Valley Community College, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has an established grievance procedure for handling a claim or allegation of discrimination based on a disability. The purpose of this procedure is to promote the prompt and efficient resolution of complaints by any person for alleged discrimination concerning program, activity, service, or physical accessibility at FVCC. Copies of this procedure may be obtained from the Disability Services Coordinator.

Mental Health Counseling

Learning Resource Center Building
For appointments, call (406) 756-3880 or email counseling@fvcc.edu

FVCC’s Mental Health Counselor is available from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, year-round and during college breaks. Counseling services are confidential, not considered part of a student’s academic record, and free to students enrolled in credit courses.

Counseling services can offer assistance with

  • Support for emotional and personal concerns;
  • Coping with stress and anxiety;
  • Adjusting to school and life changes; and
  • Overcoming academic barriers to success.

Proctored Testing/Test Center

Learning Resource Center, Room 123A
Proctored Test Scheduling: Testing Center

Campus-based test proctoring is offered at no cost for FVCC students taking fully online courses, FVCC hybrid courses, and make-up tests for any course.  The Test Center offers some workforce/professional certification tests.  Computer-based tests or written pencil/paper tests can be accommodated. Other exams, including professional exams and exams for outside colleges and universities, require a testing fee. 

TRIO: Student Support Services

Learning Resource Center, Room 102
For appointments or questions, call (406) 756-3880 or email trio@fvcc.edu

The FVCC TRIO Student Support Services program provides comprehensive academic support to selected first-generation, low-income college students and/or students with disabilities. The goal is to offer the support necessary to empower students to succeed and achieve their personal and academic goals.

The TRIO Student Support Services program assists eligible college students in earning a certificate or degree and/or transferring to a four-year degree program. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, TRIO Student Support Services offers an array of services designed to make a student’s college career a success. FVCC’s TRIO Student Support Services is a supportive community of peers with an academic focus.

Student Support Services include

  • Personalized academic, career, and transfer advising;
  • Peer-mentoring program;
  • Tutoring labs to build skills in reading and writing;
  • Individual and group tutoring to foster academic success;
  • Transition to college and career readiness courses designed for TRIO students;
  • Financial aid/scholarship information and assistance with FAFSA application;
  • Study skills workshops and academic coaching;
  • Fully-funded transfer trips to Montana universities;
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities; and
  • TRIO community events.

Applications for the TRIO program are available on the TRIO website.

Tutoring Services

Learning Resource Center & Library & Learning Commons
Math and Science Tutoring Center (Rooms 134 and 148) and Writing Lab (Library & Learning Commons)

Flathead Valley Community College provides tutoring designed to meet people at their point of personal academic needs as a free service. Students may use any or all of the tutoring facilities by dropping in or by making appointments with the tutor instructors.

The FVCC Math and Science Tutoring Center, located in the Learning Resource Center, Rooms 134 and148 respectively, are available to all students for free assistance in math and science coursework. Math and Science tutor instructors are available on a drop-in basis for the following purposes:

  • Tutoring in math concepts, problems, and homework assistance;
  • Test preparation and review;
  • Computer access to online homework assignments;
  • Assistance with biology, chemistry, and other science courses;
  • Individual or group study; and
  • Exam preparation and review.

The FVCC Writing Lab, located in the Library and Learning Commons, is available to all students for free, one-on-one help in areas such as

  • Proofreading;
  • MLA, APA, Chicago, and other writing formats;
  • Resumes;
  • Cover letters;
  • Scholarship letters;
  • Library databases;
  • Computer skills;
  • Vocabulary development;
  • Note-taking strategies;
  • Reading accuracy;
  • Reading fluency;
  • Critical reading skills;
  • Printing;
  • FVCC program applications/letters/essays; and
  • Grammar/punctuation.

Individual Tutoring

Learning Resource Center, Room 102
For appointments or questions, call (406) 756-3880

TRIO-eligible students can access free, one-on-one tutoring. Students ineligible for TRIO may discuss other tutoring arrangements with the TRIO Tutor Coordinator.

  • Tutors are most often students who have already successfully completed the course.  They may also be former students or professionals in the community.
  • Tutors meet one-on-one with students for up to three hours a week per subject.
  • All tutoring takes place on the FVCC campus.

Student Resources

Dining Services

Eagle’s Nest

The Eagle’s Nest Cafe, located in Blake Hall, serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks on weekdays when classes are in session. Dining cards of $10 and $20 values are available at the Eagle’s Nest. Menus and prices are established with student budgets in mind.



The FVCC Bookstore, located in Blake Hall, supplies all textbooks, school, and art supplies required for classes. The bookstore also stocks study aids, computer supplies, postage stamps, snack items, college T-shirts and sweatshirts, greeting cards, and gift items. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.


Textbook Refund Policy (beginning of term)

Students should not write in new textbooks until they are certain the books are for the course in which they are enrolled.

  • Books purchased for classes can be returned for a full refund within two weeks of purchase. 
  • Books purchased for classes can be returned for a 50% refund within three weeks of purchase.
  • All refunds or exchanges require a receipt.
  • Any books that are shrink-wrapped may not be returned if unwrapped.
  • Ebooks and access codes may only be returned if unopened. 
  • New books must be in mint condition.
  • Return your book immediately if
    • You have the wrong book,
    • You drop a class or your class is canceled, or
    • You decide that you don’t need the book.
  •  Defective books may be accepted for return on a case-by-case basis.

            No exceptions will be allowed.

            *Refunds on rented textbooks are subject to the same policies listed above for purchased textbooks. 

Textbook Rental Return Policy (end of term)

  • Rented textbooks can be returned as soon as the student no longer needs access.    
  • All textbook rentals are due back to the Bookstore the week after finals. 

Textbook Buyback Policy (Textbook buyback begins finals week)

  • Student ID required.
  • The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buyback of any book.
  • During finals week the Bookstore usually pays 50% of the new book price if
    • The instructor has ordered the book for the following semester;
    • The quota has not yet been met; and
    • The book can be sold used. (Looseleaf books and books sold with an access code don’t qualify.)
  • The best national wholesale prices will be offered for books not bought by FVCC.
  • Study guides, workbooks, loose-leaf books, damaged books, and old editions are generally not bought back (if it can’t be reused and there’s no national demand then it won’t be bought).
  • Buyback funds are dispersed in cash.

Textbook Reservations

Students can order books on the Bookstore website. Students may choose to pick up books or have them shipped to their home addresses. Students receiving federal/state grants, student loans, or other scholarships may request that the bookstore take the cost of books out of their financial aid. If not charging to financial aid, payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Online orders can be charged to financial aid or paid by credit card.

Student Health Clinic

Broussard Center, Room 136
Questions? Call (406) 756- 4331
Student Health Clinic

The Student Health Clinic, funded by the Student Health Fee, is available to students taking six or more credits. Students taking four to five credits can opt in by paying the semester health fee at the Business Services office.

The clinic provides health care services that include

  • Primary health care/Urgent Care;
  • Health evaluations, treatment of minor injuries, and acute health problems such as colds, flu, bladder infections, sprains, and strains;
  • STD evaluations and tests;
  • Procedures and cultures including blood and urine testing, pap smears, and pregnancy testing;
  • Reproductive health care;
  • Medical, surgical, and dental referrals;
  • Limited in-office laboratory testing provided free of charge (mono, strep, flu, urinary infections and pregnancy testing). Other laboratory tests and all x-rays are referred into the community and payment is the student’s responsibility;
  • Physical examinations for overseas academic programs, some employment physicals, and nursing and allied health programs;
  • Loan of crutches;
  • Condoms - free of charge; and
  • Immunizations, including the flu shot.

For immediate or serious emergencies, dial 911.

Health Insurance

Student health insurance is not offered through the college. Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for health insurance.


Broussard Family Library & Learning Commons

Questions? Call (406) 756-3856 or email library@fvcc.edu.


The library staff is available to help students find quality printed and ebooks, academic journal articles and websites, answer questions, help evaluate information, and support student research needs.  The library is also a great place to study or read newspapers and magazines. Not able to visit the library in person?  The library offers extensive online resources, including academic journals, eBooks, and research guides for many subjects.

Library Hours

Semester Days Open
Fall and Spring Semesters Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Summer Semester Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Library services include

  • Borrowing:  Materials can be checked out using an FVCC student ID card. Books check out for 28 days and DVDs check out for 14 days.  Books and DVDs are also available from other Montana Academic Libraries (TRAILS Resource Sharing) and also through Interlibrary Loan.  These materials have special due dates assigned by the loaning library.
  • Course Reserves:  Faculty often place materials, such as textbooks and course-related articles, on reserve. Additional textbooks are available in the library’s non-circulating textbook collection. These are available at the Circulation desk.
  • Media Equipment: The library has a copier/scanner and printer available for student use. There are also two 360°cameras, Chromebooks, podcast equipment and Kindles available for checkout. The Library adds technology throughout the year. Check at the Circulation Desk if you are looking for something specific. 
  • Computers and Wi-Fi:  Desktop computers are available for use. Specialized software has been loaded on some machines. WiFi is available for all patrons. The library offers computers and a limited number of hotspots for students to check out.
  • Collaborative Study Rooms: The library has two collaborative study rooms. Both study rooms contain whiteboards and display monitors which can be connected to laptops. The study rooms can be requested online. These rooms are limited to groups of 2-5 people for two hours at a time and can be reserved in advance.
  • Classrooms: There are two classrooms available for student use.  These classrooms can seat up to 20 people each, and can also be set up as one larger classroom when the room divider is removed. The classrooms feature mobile chairs and tables.  Students can connect laptops to a 70-inch monitor in each classroom.  There are also several mobile whiteboards, as well as whiteboards secured to the wall for student use.
  • Maker Space: This room has mobile tables and chairs, a whiteboard wall, sewing machines, 3D printers and laser engraver, and adds technology regularly. Requests to use the Maker Space can be submitted online. Workshops are offered on a regular basis to learn the technology.
  • One Button Recording Studio: The One Button Studio has a simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience. Users can create high-quality video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring an empty flash drive to save your project.
  • Podcast Station: Besides the main recording station in the One Button Studio, there is a separate audio/video recording station, called a Marantz Professional Turret, with laptop available inside the room. Like the One Button Studio, all that users need to bring is a flash drive to save the recording.
  • Virtual Reality Room: Explore ideas, data, content and places in new and astonishing ways. The room is designed to provide access to an immersive, real-time virtual experience for users with no prior experience or training using this technology.
  • Common Grounds Café: The Café area serves hot and cold drinks, along with snacks, light lunches and pastries.  There are areas for large group seating, small groups, and individual seating.  All seating includes access to power outlets. Common Grounds is open from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.
  • Quiet Study Room: Students who need absolute quiet when studying can use the Quiet Study Room.  This room is set up with individualized seating for working alone.
  • Assistive Technology Station: The Library has a station with specialized hardware and technology to help those users with visual or mobility needs.
  • Lost and Found: The Library serves as the campus lost-and-found. Inquire about lost items at the Circulation Desk. 
  • Resource Sharing (TRAILS): Students who need physical copies of books or media that are not available at the FVCC Library may request these items through our partnership with other Montana Academic Libraries (TRAILS). Students may request that these items be borrowed and shipped to FVCC for pickup.  These items can be found via the library’s online website (Primo) and can be ordered through the student’s library account online.  Library staff is available to help locate and order these items for students in person as well. The loan period is at the discretion of the partner library.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Occasionally, students need books or articles that are not available in the library. Library staff at the Circulation Desk can assist in ordering these materials from other libraries in the U.S. Interlibrary loan takes an average of three days for articles and ten days for books, although some hard-to-find items may take longer.  Students are responsible for any fees associated with late, damaged, or lost materials. These fees are set by the lending library and vary. Students are notified by phone or e-mail when items arrive.

The Honors Program at Flathead Valley Community College


The Honors Program at FVCC, established in 2009, provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to experience academically rigorous, cross-disciplinary honors courses. The program is limited to 50 students. The seminar style courses are four credits each and are primarily taught through the Socratic Method with emphasis placed on class discussion and student presentation.

The classes combine any two of the traditional academic disciplines - global issues, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science, and fine arts - and are taught by a team of instructors. Students can choose to apply the credits toward the appropriate category of general education courses required for graduation. These courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters.

The Honors Program offers academic preparation and curriculum planning to help students succeed in transferring to honors programs and articulates with both the Davidson Honors College at The University of Montana and the University Honors Program at Montana State University.

Program benefits include a full-tuition waiver for two semesters, one-on-one mentoring with faculty, an enriched learning environment with a specially designed classroom and study area, and increased potential for financial aid upon transfer.

Graduates of The Honors Program receive special designations on their transcripts and are presented with medallions at FVCC commencement. Admission requirements include a complete honors program application, an essay, letter of reference, statement of career and academic plans, transcripts, and ACT, SAT or FVCC placement test scores.

Veterans Center

Veterans Center

Located in the Learning Resource Center, Room 111, the center serves as a place to meet fellow veterans, learn about upcoming events, study, relax between classes, and get involved with the FVCC Veterans Association student group.

Residence Life and Founders Hall

Student Housing
Email: reslife@fvcc.edu
Phone: (406)756-4586

On-campus student housing is comprised of one residence hall, which features studio and two-bedroom apartments for up to 124 full-time, degree-seeking students. All apartments are furnished with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, extra-large twin bed, dresser, chairs, and private bathroom. A student lounge, two laundry facilities, and areas to study are located throughout Founders Hall. Walking paths allow easy access to the rest of campus, as well as nearby retail stores and restaurants.

Residence Life strives to positively influence academic and personal growth by offering a variety of programs, both social and educational. Residents are encouraged to be an active part of the on-campus community.  Through campus involvement, students will build relationships with neighbors and classmates to develop life-long skills.

Student Engagement Office

Blake Hall, Room 155, (406) 756-3908

The Student Engagement Office serves as a resource for all student organizations on campus and sponsors a variety of campus activities and events including the Week of Welcome.  Visit Campus Life for a current list of ways to get involved, such as participating in student organizations, campus recreation and intramurals, service learning, and Logger Sports.