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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog
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WLDG 210 - Pipe Welding

Credit(s): 4

Prerequisite(s): WLDG 111 .
This course is an introduction to pipe welding using the shielded metal arc welding process. The student is instructed on electrode selection, joint and equipment setup. All pipe welding positions will be presented along with the various welding processes employed in pipe welding. (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Safely demonstrate layout/fit-up and proficiency when arc welding/cutting.
  • Compare and contrast welded pipe versus bolted connections.
  • Explain the theory, operation, set up, and troubleshooting of an electric arc machine.
  • Select appropriate machine settings for materials to be welded.
  • Understand rod and process for a specific application from the number code on the rod or material being welded.
  • Demonstrate a pipe weld in all pipe positions: 1G, 2G, 5G, & 6G.
  • Explain proper pipe joint setup, angle, and landing.
  • Demonstrate proper E-6010 root with E-7018 cover pass technique.
  • Weld to AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code Standards.
  • Weld to AWS Bridge Code Standards.
  • Weld to API and ASME Pipe Code Standards.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to cut weld test coupons from a pipe joint for weld testing.

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