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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog Archived Catalog

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EDU 270 - Instructional Technology

Credit(s): 3

The purpose of this course is to teach pre-service educators how to use and manage technology in educational settings and communicate methods and reasons for using technology. This course focuses on the computer and its educational applications for pre-service teachers. An emphasis is placed on integrating computer tools into class instruction. (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Develop an exploratory, experimental approach to technology with a willingness to try new applications and tools.
  • Define various types of learning styles and strategies and explain how technology can support the diverse needs of learners.
  • Operate available computer hardware and associated peripherals.
  • Evaluate resources for their potential for achieving instructional objectives.
  • Plan instruction that incorporates technology in appropriate ways.
  • Create learning activities and products with the following software that will enhance instruction and personal productivity:
  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Presentation software
  • Web development software
  • Graphic design software
  • Graphic organizer software
  • Curriculum specific software
  • Email and Internet software
  • Recognize various implications for computer use in K-12 schools and other educational settings.
  • Reflect on literature related to using technology in educational settings.
  • Access, evaluate, and utilize online educational resources.
  • Explain and give concrete examples of how all the technologies learned in this class can be used to enhance instruction and personal productivity.
  • Observe and apply use of instructional technology resources in the school setting.

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