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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog
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ARTZ 105F - Visual Language-Drawing

Credit(s): 3

This course, a presentation to art students with varying degrees of talent and exposures to instruction, is designed to help each student develop his or her own unique style. Considerable emphasis is placed upon the perception of the draftsperson and problems arising from the representation of three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional planes. Exercises using a variety of media and papers will occupy a great portion of this course. Class problems and assignments are planned to meet the individual needs of all students. Uniformity is not the aim. The major aim is the exposure to, and subsequent assimilation of, basic drawing “tools.” (Fall and Spring Semesters)

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Create two dimensional artworks based on contemporary concepts that emphasize observation, imagination, and memory.
  • Employ formal elements of line, shape, texture, value and design principles of unity, variety, balance, movement, space, rhythm, and pattern.
  • Express ideas and evaluate artworks in a formal group and individual critiques.
  • Select basic drawing media based upon personal preference or assignment requirements.
  • Utilize correctly papers and their applications.
  • Create the illusion of 3-dimensionality on a 2-dimensional plane.
  • Examine the role of the Arts as a reflection of culture.

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