Jul 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Course Numbering Information

  • The Montana University System has moved to a common numbering system for all undergraduate courses.

  • All public colleges and universities in Montana will use the same subject abbreviations or rubric (the letter codes that indicate the course subject), numbers and titles for courses taught on more than one campus.

  • Most FVCC rubrics and numbers HAVE CHANGED. However, course content has not changed as a result of this process.

  • Multiple disciplines have already undergone common course numbering as reflected in the course descriptions and preceding transfer curricula and career and technical program pages. For example, the new rubric for all ECON classes is now ECNS.

  • The course number (e.g., WRIT 101 ) indicates the department (Writing) and the level of the course.

  • Courses numbered 100 or higher assume college level reading ability.

  • Courses numbered from:

    • 100 to 199 are freshman level

    • 200 to 299 are sophomore level

  • The “~” after courses numbered under 100 indicates these courses are usually nontransferable but may apply towards an AAS degree at FVCC. Courses numbered under 100 may not be eligible for financial aid.

  • The following course numbers apply to specific types of courses.

    Titles/Credits Vary

    190, 290…… Undergraduate Research
    191, 291…… Special Topics/Experimental Courses
    192, 292…… Independent Study
    193, 293…… Study Tours/Study Abroad
    194, 294…… Seminar/Workshop
    195, 295…… Fieldwork/Clinical/Practicum/Student Teaching
    197, 297…… Educational Methods Courses
    198, 298…… Internship/Externship/Cooperative Education
    199, 299…… Capstone

Course numbers followed by the letters listed below represent courses to be used to satisfy the general education core.






Fine Arts



Global Issues






Natural Science (Non-conventional Lab)



Natural Science (Lab)






Social Sciences Group A



Social Sciences Group B