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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog Archived Catalog

Nursing: Registered Nursing, ASN

The Registered Nursing program prepares graduates to function as members and leaders of health care teams in various health care environments. Upon completion of the Associate of Science (ASN)-Registered Nursing curriculum, students will

  • Develop and lead programs of health promotion and disease prevention that is cost effective, comprehensive and coordinated;

  • Engage patient and families as partners in evidenced-based, ethical care, while respecting individual preference;

  • Analyze and integrate current research findings, expert opinion, clinical reasoning, and patient preferences in developing and implementing plan of care;

  • Promote and lead cooperation, coordination, and communication among team members, patients, and community populations to improve quality and enhance patient safety;

  • Provide ongoing assessment and analysis of patients and systems with the goal of providing the highest level of patient care and outcomes;

  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize technology to gather and analyze data, manage information, and improve communication among team members and across systems to support clinical decisions; and

  • Participate as a team member to design, promote, and model effective use of technology to reduce the risk of harm to self and others.

Prerequisites Total: 14

First Semester Total: 15

Second Semester Total: 15

Third Semester Total: 15

Fourth Semester Total: 14

Total Credits: 73

*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed.  Check course description.

Admission Guidelines

  • Applications for formal acceptance into the ASN program are accepted once a year. Applications are available at In order to be considered for acceptance into the ASN program, the student must have:

    • Completed or be currently enrolled in the required prerequisite courses with a grade of “B-” or higher in BIOH 201 , and “C” or higher in CHMY 121 , M 140 , and WRIT 101 . A grade of “C-” is not acceptable in the prerequisite courses;
    • Completed BIOH 201  and CHMY 121  within five years of acceptance into the Nursing program.  If Individuals have completed BIOH 211  and BIOM 250  before acceptance into the program, these courses must also be within five years of acceptance into the program. Individuals may request evaluation by the Nursing Program Director for a possible exception to this policy.            (If BIOH 201  or BIOH 211  were taken before fall 2016 and are within the five-year acceptance period, a grade of “C+” is acceptable.  Please note this will affect the student’s GPA.)
    • A selective GPA of 2.75 (out of 4.0 scale) in the prerequisite courses;
    • Completed BIOH 201  and CHMY 121  within five years of acceptance into the Nursing program Individuals may request evaluation by the Nursing Program Director for a possible exception;
    • Degree status at FVCC with all required records on file; and
    • Submitted a signed application and $20.00 non-refundable processing fee receipt.
  • Once offered placement, students must provide proof of current health insurance (FVCC Student Health Center does not meet this requirement), complete a background check, and provide proof of required immunizations to finalize the acceptance process. See Nursing Program Information Packet at for more information.
  • See Nursing Program Information Packet at for more information regarding admission guidelines.

Program Information

  • This is a demanding program.  Individuals will be required to actively participate in and subscribe to the legal and ethical tenets of the discipline while enrolled as a student and as a graduate.

  • The focus of the ASN curriculum is to offer education leading to the knowledge that supports the RN to provide direct care to clients, individuals, or groups.

  • Completion of the ASN degree does not guarantee FVCC’s or the Montana University System’s general education core is fulfilled.

  • Once a student has applied and been accepted into the ASN program, each nursing course can only be attempted once and must be passed with a grade of “B-“ for the student to continue in the program. A grade of “C” is acceptable for non-nursing courses PSYX 100, SOCI 101, and BIOM 250.

  • The ASN program is approved by Montana State Board of Nursing, which is required in order for graduates of the program to be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

  • The Flathead Valley Community College Associate Degree Nursing program holds pre-accreditation status from the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation, located at 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20037. Holding pre-accreditation status does not guarantee that initial accreditation by NLN CNEA will be received.

Opportunities After Graduation

  • Individuals who successfully complete the ASN program and pass the NCLEX-RN exam will find many employment opportunities available to them in a wide variety of health care settings in Northwest Montana and other locations.  
  • A graduate of the program may choose to continue their education by pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing.

Transfer Articulation Agreement

Students who complete the Associate of Science (ASN) - Registered Nursing program have the opportunity to take advantage of a transfer articulation agreement established with Montana Tech. Graduates of the FVCC ASN program who transfer to Montana Tech are guaranteed 72 semester credits toward a post-licensure Bachelor’s of Science Degree for Registered Nurses (BSN). After earning the ASN from FVCC and obtaining an RN license, students must take the following MT Tech prerequisites:

STAT 216M - Introduction to Statistics    4 credits
AHMS 175 - Medical Law and Ethics   
     (Equivalent to PHL 325 at MT Tech)
3 credits
PSYX 230A - Developmental Psychology    3 credits
WRIT 201W - College Writing II    3 credits
Humanities Elective 3 credtis

Once the prerequisites are complete, students can apply for admission to Montana Tech and acceptance into the BSN program. Students will complete the following courses online through Montana Tech to earn the BSN.

Fall Semester Courses
NRSG 361 Global Nursing 3 credits
NRSG 324 EBP 3 credits
NRSG 325 Advanced Health Assessment 3 credits
Spring Semester Courses
NRSG 326 Complex Health Care Needs 3 credits
NRSG 344 Family 3 credits
NRSG 320 Informatics 3 credits
NRSG 322 Health Promotion and Education 3 credits
Summer Semester Courses
NRSG 301 Community Health 5 credits
NRSG 302 Community Health 1 credit
NRSG 363 Leadership & Management 5 credits
NRSG 364 Leadership & Management 1 credit
Total Credits at MT Tech  33 credits

See your advisor for more information about this transfer articulation agreement.

Nursing Program Director:

Carla Genovese
BC 102-A
(406) 756-3997

Advising Information:

For more information about this program, contact the FVCC Student Support Center or a Faculty Advisor. 

Student Support Center Advisor Faculty Advisor                    Faculty Advisor                            
Karrie Bolivar Erika DeCree, B.S., R.N. Sarah Wangerin, B.S.N., R.N.
LRC 129 BC 102-C BC 102-D
(406) 756-3880 (406) 756-3628 (406) 756-3943
Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor - LCC  
Liisa Lommatsch Jan Ivers  
BC 102 Lincoln County Campus  
(406) 756-6154 (406) 293-2721  


For general information, contact:

Cathy Fabel, Nursing Program Assistant
BC 102
(406) 756-3385