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2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog Archived Catalog

Boards, Personnel and Advisory Committees

Board of Trustees 2015-2016


Robert A. Nystuen, Lakeside, MT


John Phelps, Whitefish, MT


Shannon Lund, Kalispell, MT


Thomas K. Harding, Whitefish, MT

Mark Holston, Kalispell, MT

Callie Langohr, Kalispell, MT


Thomas McElwain, Columbia Falls, MT


Flathead Valley Community College Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors

Diane Morton, Chair
DeAnn Thomas, Vice Chair
Justin Sliter, Treasurer
Leslie Mercord, Past Chair
Shannon Lund, Board of Trustees Liaison

Russell Barnes
John Bowdish
Stephanie Breck
Jessica DuBois
Frank Garner
Nancy Gordley
Jeremy Hancock
Mark Johnson
Kayleen Kohler
Patrice LaTourelle
Donna Lawson
Jim Lehner
Andy Miller
Aaron Mower
Karin Olsen
Marylou Patterson
Chris Ridder
Lisa Schnee
Margie Simpson
Alan Stinson
Debbi Waldenberg
Stephanie Wallace
Suzy Williams
Pat Winkel

Associate Board

Lin Akey
Josh Auerhammer
Michael Auten
Kathy Barkus
Lee Berger
Marie Cheyne-Auten
Sally Elliman
Mary Gibson
Megan Gordley
Lynne Hilleboe
Chris Hyatt
Lil Laidlaw
Dorothy Laird
Carol Larson
Cindy Lewis
Kathy Mercord
Jarrod Shew
Roger Somerville
Ellie Stimpson
Darrell Worm

Ex Officio Members

Jane Karas, President, FVCC
Chuck Jensen, FVCC Vice President of Administration and Finance

Administration, Staff and Full-time Faculty


Flathead County Campus

Janice Alexander
Professor, Chemistry/Forensic Science/Mathematics
PhD, University of Virginia
BS, Michigan State University

Eugenia Allen-Schmid
Program Coordinator, Student Engagement
MEd, Central Washington University
BA, University of Oregon Eugene 

Salvatore Arrabito
Trainer, Commercial Driver’s License

Alan Azure
Custodian II

Coleen Baars
Systems Analyst
AAS, AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Diane Bailey
Nursing Instructor
MS, Indiana State University
BS, Salish Kootenai College

John Balsam
Director, Small Business Development Center
MBA, University of Montana

Benjamin Barckholtz
Assistant Professor, English
MA, Central Michigan University
BS, Northern Michigan University

Debra Barrett, PHR
Human Resources Specialist III

Sheila Bartmess
Career Counselor
MEd, Montana State University
BA, University of Montana Western

Robert Bauer
Assistant Professor, History
MA, University of Montana
MEd, University of Washington
BA, Washington State University

Ann Beall
Program Coordinator, Biology Lab
BA, University of Montana
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Leslie Beard
Program Assistant, Workforce Training

Brian Bechtold
Professor, English
MA, BA, University of Montana

Jack Bell
Instructional Coordinator, Welding & Fabrication/Nondestructive Testing

Sarah Benedict
Instructional Technologist
MA, University of Texas at Austin
BS, Texas A&M University

Sheila Benner
Teacher, Early Childhood Center
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Sarah Bergford
Program Coordinator, Intramurals
BS, Central Washington University

Carole Bergin
Associate Professor, English/Humanities
MA, Clark University
BA, Worcester State College

Paula J. Betthauser
Administrative Assistant, Admissions and Records

Robert Blackston
Assistant Professor/Program Director, Surgical Technology
BS, Idaho State University

Lisa Bloom
Technician, Instructional Media Services

James Boger
Associate Professor, Physics
MS, Montana State University
BS, Utah State University

Bill Bond
Executive Director, Management Information Systems
MS, Utah State University
BA, Adams State College

Roger Brewer
Instructional Specialist, Math Lab

Charlene Brown
Assistant Controller
BS, Montana State University

Deanne Brown
Program Coordinator, Cap Site
MA, BA, The College of Santa Fe

Eric Brown
Custodian II

Kelly Brown
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Sam Brown
Instructional Coordinator, Welding and Fabrication/Nondestructive Testing

Carol Buchan
Customer Service Specialist
AA, AS, Flathead Valley Community College

Jori Bullemer
Academic Advisor
BA, Plymouth State University

Susan Burch
Executive Director, Economic Development and Continuing Education
BA, Rice University

Jeannette Burton
Bookstore Barista Clerk

Jessica Bush
Program Coordinator, Dining Services

Joy Carson
Office Supervisor, Learning Center

Nancy Clawson
Program Coordinator, Foundation
BS, Northern Montana College

Chris Clouse
Division Director, Math, Science, and Health Science
PhD, BA, University of Montana
MS, New Mexico State University

Malinda C. Crawford
Program Supervisor, Instructional Media Services
BS, Montana State University-Billings
AA, AS, Flathead Valley Community College

Tim Creighton
Instructional Coordinator, Heavy Equipment Operations

Julian Cunningham
Campus Farm Manager
B.S.Ed, University of Idaho

James Dailey
Assistant, Dining Services

Laura Damon
Program Coordinator of Instructional Safety
BS, Black Hills State University
BS, Northern Illinois University

Karen Darrow
Program Coordinator, Career Development
MA, Gonzaga University
BA, University of Montana

Tracey Darue
Instructional Coordinator, Baking and Pastry
BMus, University of Nevada, Reno
AOS, Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts

Gregg Davis
Associate Professor, Economics
PhD, West Virginia University
MA, BA, University of Montana

Erika DeCree
Nursing Instructor
MS, Wright State University
BA, Albion College

David Dorsett, PLS
Professor, Surveying
BA, University of Montana
BS, University of Oklahoma

Johnnel Dunluck
Custodian II

Skyelar Dunluck
Custodian II

Kenneth Earickson
Custodian II

Naomi Eggers
Teacher, Early Childhood Center
BS, Emmaus Bible College

Timothy Eichner
Assistant Professor, Surveying/Natural Resources
MS, East Stroudsburg University
BS, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
AA, Keystone College

Bradly Eldredge
Vice President of Academic Affairs (Instruction and Student Services)
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
BA, Brigham Young University

Amy Elletson
Accounts Payable Specialist
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Lori Elwell
Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
MA, Western Michigan University
BA, Westmont College

Heather Estrada
Assistant Professor, Agriculture
PhD, BS, University of Alberta

David Evans
Manager, Maintenance and Grounds
AS, Flathead Valley Community College

Susan Evans
Associate Director, FVCC Foundation
MEd, Lesley College
BS, George Mason University

Cathy Fabel
Administrative Assistant, Nursing Program
AS, Montana State University

Eden Franchi
Clerk, Accounts Receivable

Cynthia French
Customer Service Specialist, Admissions, Registration and Student Housing

Tracey Frey
Bookstore Clerk

Richard Frisk
Instructional Coordinator, Electrical
Master Electrician, State of Montana

Amanda Galloway
Custodian II

Margaret Girkins
Program Director, Adult Learning Center
MA,Western Kentucky University
BS, Ohio State University

Karen Glasser
Executive Director, Human Resources
MPA, Northern Arizona University
BA, University of Oregon

Sara Gomes
Specialist, Financial Aid

James Goudy
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
MS, Dominican University
BA, University of Toledo

Connee Greig
Services Coordinator, Continuing Education
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Susan Guthrie
Assistant Professor, Art
BS, University of Montana

Carlin Hale
Counselor, Mental Health
MS, Oregon State University
BS, Southern Oregon University

Jane Ellen Hamilton
Grant Administrator
JD, BA, University of Texas at Austin

Nancy Hanchett
Specialist, Financial Aid

Brenda Hanson
Dean of Students
MA, University of Phoenix
BA, University of Montana

Richard Haptonstall
Associate Professor, Theatre/Music
MFA, Humboldt State University
BA, Dickinson State University

Douglas Harling
Assistant Professor, Jewelry
MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
BA, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Lloyd Haugen
Instructional Coordinator, Machining
AA, Ohlone College
AA, El Camino College

Amanda Haynes
Technician, Instructional Media Services

Janice Heil
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director
MA, BA, The College of Saint Scholastica

Donald Hickethier
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Chairperson, Math and Science Division
PhD, Oregon State University
MS, Oregon State University
BS, Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology

Michelle Hicks
Instructional Assistant, Culinary Arts

Roddy Hill
Instructional Coordinator, Welding
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Connie Hitchcock
Assistant Professor, Business
MBA, Vanderbilt University
BS, University of Southern California

Anita Ho
Associate Professor, Geology/Geography
PhD, University of Oregon
BA, Carleton College

Jessica Hopkins
Faculty Development and Assessment Specialist
DA, Idaho State University
MS, Towson University
BS, Baldwin-Wallace

Mary Hudak
Instructional Coordinator, Savory
BS, Cornell University

Melissa Hunt
Teacher, Early Childhood Center

Lowell Jaeger
Professor, Language Arts
Chairperson, Humanities Division
MA, MFA, University of Iowa
BS, Northern Arizona University

Marlyn James
Professor, Early Childhood Education
Chairperson, Social Sciences Division
MA, BA, Pacific Oaks College

Emily Jense
Executive Assistant/CHEO Grant Manager
MA, BA, University of Montana

Chuck Jensen
Vice President of Administration and Finance
MBA, University of Montana
BS, Montana State University

Wendy Jeschke
Program Coordinator, Service Learning

Coral Johnsen
Custodian II

Sally Johnson
Graphic Design Specialist
AS, Iowa Lakes Community College

Suzanne Johnston
Cook, Early Childhood Center

Mary Jordt
Coordinator, Advising and Retention
MSW, Walla Walla College
BA, University of Montana
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Rocky Journey
Accounts Technician, Bookstore
BS, University of Montana

Sue Justis
Associate Professor, Medical Biology
PhD, MS, Miami University
BA, Ottawa University

Amy Kanewischer
Customer Service Specialist, Admissions and Registration
BA, Minot State University

Jane Karas
College President
PhD, Heller School, Brandeis University
BA, Wellesley College

Howard Karp
Executive Chef

Susan Kelly
Faculty Relations Specialist, Humanities, Business and Social Sciences Divisions

Cynthia Kiefer
Director, Financial Aid
BA, McKendree College

Warren Kiefer
Systems Analyst

Carrie Kintzler
Administrative Assistant, Student Health Center

Pam Klein, RN
Instructional Coordinator, Nursing
AS, Northern Montana College

Dennis Knuth
Safety Officer

Samantha Kujala
Faculty Relations Specialist, Math, Science and Health Science Divisions
BS, Montana State University

Russ Lamson
MA, BA University of Montana
AA, North Idaho Community College

Steve Larson
Director, Physical Facilities
BA, University of Washington

Ronnie Laudati, CPA
Professor, Accounting/Business
MBA, St. John’s University
BBA, City University of New York

Dan Leatzow
Instructional Coordinator, Advanced Manufacturing
PhD, MS, Washington State University
BS, University of Colorado

R. Joe Legate
Professor, Speech/Drama
MFA, University of Southern Mississippi
MA, BSE, Arkansas State University

Danielle Lewis
Teacher, Early Childhood Center
BS, University of Montana Western

Patricia Lincoln
Clinical Coordinator, Surgical Technology
AAS, College of Southern Idaho

David Long
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
PhD, California Institute of Technology
BS, Pennsylvania State University

Kristina Long
Associate Professor, Paramedicine
Chairperson, Health Science Division
BAS, Montana State University
AAS, New River Community College
AA, AS, Flathead Valley Community College

Ivan J. Lorentzen
Professor, Psychology
EdD, MA, University of Montana
MS, BS, Montana State University

Jerry Lundgren
Professor, Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology
MA, Texas Tech University
BA, University of Montana
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Philip MacGregor
Professor, Computer Applications/Accounting
MS, BS, University of North Dakota

Dan Magone
Instructional Coordinator, Paramedics
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Molly Maxwell
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
PhD, MS, University of Minnesota
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mirabai McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Plant Biology
PhD, MS, Miami University
BS, Lyndon State College

Mike McGarvey
Coordinator, Foundational Math
BS, Montana State University

Amatzya Mezahav
Assistant Professor, Sociology
PhD, University of Oregon

Melvin Moe
Trainer, Commercial Driver’s License

Christopher Moore
Instructional Coordinator, Heavy Equipment Operator

Sharon Nau
Associate Registrar/Systems Analyst
AA, AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Carrie Nelson
Technician III (Technical Processing), Library
BS, Montana State University
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Rick Nelson
Custodian II

Lori Nicholas
Instructional Specialist, Math
BA, University of Montana
AS, Flathead Valley Community College

Arlene O’Donnell
Cashier, Business Services

Brent Owens
Manager, Dining Services
BS, Western Caroline University

Rick Owens
Systems Analyst, Advanced

Daniel Paine
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
PhD, University of Utah
BS, University of Wyoming

Leanne Parker
Assistant Professor, Substance Abuse Counseling/Social Work
PhD, University of Montana
MEd, University of Idaho
Med, College of William and Mary

Christopher Parson
Project Director, Center of Excellence
BS, Montana State University

Marti Paugh
Curriculum Development Specialist
MEd, University of Montana
BA, Carroll College

Laurie Peiffer
Director, Early Childhood Center
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Carole Pinnell
Instructional Specialist, Reading
MS, Western Governors University
BS, University of Great Falls
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Calvin Pippin
Manager, Custodial Services
BS, Montana State University-Northern

Kathryn Preiss
Program Coordinator, Events
BA, Carleton College

Sinda M. Puryer
Technician II, Library
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Effat Rady
Associate Professor, Engineering/Mathematics
PhD, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, Cairo University

Conrad Rauscher
Assistant Professor, English
MA, University of Nevada, Reno
BA, Flagler College

Dawn Rauscher
Associate Professor, Computer Applications
Chairperson, Business Division
MEd, University of Georgia
BS, Embry-Riddle

Gerda Reeb
Program Coordinator, International Student Services
PhD, MA, University of Oregon

Roberta Reese
Bookstore Assistant Manager

David Regan
Assistant Professor, Ceramics
MFA, Alfred University
BFA, Rochester Institute of Technology

Catherine Relf
Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
MS, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
BS, Saint John’s University

Christina Relyea
Associate Professor, Natural Resources
PhD, Idaho State University
MS, University of Central Arkansas
BS, University of Arkansas

Antonette Reynolds
Administrative Assistant, Career and Technical Education

William Richards
Navigator, AMAMII
BS, Brigham Young University

Myrna Ridenour, RN
Program Director, Nursing
MSN, Regis University
BSN, Montana State University

Steve Ritter
Mechanic, Heavy Equipment

Julie Robertson
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant
MS, Pacific University
BA, University of Notre Dame

Leslie Rogers
Associate Director, Community Education
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Elizabeth Romain
Program Coordinator, High School Relations
BS, University of Montana
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Tara E. Roth
Director, Communications
BA, The University of Alabama

Brenda Rudolph
Professor, Business Education
MBA, University of Montana
BA, University of Northern Colorado
Medical Coding Certificate

Anna San Diego
Program Coordinator, Disabilities Services
MS, BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tressa Schutter
Clerk, Copy and Mailroom
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Jill Seigmund
Grant Writer/TAACCCT Grant Entrepreneurship Coordinator
BA, University of Montana

Melanie Settle
Administrative Specialist, Educational Services
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Monica Settles
Assistant to the President/District Clerk
BS, University of Montana
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Michael Severino
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
PhD, MA, University of Montana
BA, William Paterson University

Denise Shuman
Manager, Bookstore
AA, Butte Community College

Jennifer Sims
Teacher, Early Childhood Center

Donald Skare
Purchasing/Facilities Coordinator
AA, AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Michael Skinner
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
MS, National University
BPA, University of Mississippi

Allison Smeltz
Web Content Specialist
BS, Colorado State University

Harry Smith
Program Coordinator, Manufacturing

Jodi Smith
Program Director, Workforce Training
MEd, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
BA, St. Olaf College

Joyce Song
Systems Analyst- Systems Support
MS, University at Buffalo
BS, Sogang University

Jim Soular
Instructional Specialist, Writing
MA, MFA, University of Montana
BA, St. Cloud State University

Lorraine Springer
Technician, Admissions and Records

Sherri Staat
Customer Service Specialist, Financial Aid

Julie Stanton
Systems Analyst - Support
BS, University of Houston

Marlene Stoltz
Director, Admissions/Registrar

Debbie Struck
Program Assistant, Continuing Education
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Charles Taylor
Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology
MS, New York Chiropractic College
BS, University of Southampton

Sherry Taylor
Specialist, Financial Aid
BA, Radford University
AA, University of Montana

Matthew Thompson
Maintenance Worker II

Maya Tsidulko
Institutional Research Analyst
BA, BS, University of Maryland

Colleen Unterreiner
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
MPA, Arizona State University
BA, Washington State University

Kathy VanBemmel, PHR
Human Resources Specialist II

Laura VanDeKop
Associate Professor, Mathematics
MS, BS, Montana State University

Paul Vera
Custodian II

Ronald (Pete) Wade
Director, Career Technical Education
MA, BA, University of Montana
MA, Princeton University

Claudia Walter
Office Supervisor

Amelia Ward
Systems Analyst, Support
BAS, Montana State University, Billings
AAS, Air University, Community College of the Air Force

David Welty
Custodian II

Erin Wenner
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
MS, Montana State University
BA, University of Montana

Adam Wenz
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
MS, BS, Montana Tech

Julie Wenz
Instructional Technologist
MEd, Montana State University
BS, Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Karla West
Professor, Business/Medical Assistant Program
MS, Montana State University
BA, Concordia College

Katie White
Associate Director, Marketing
MBA, University of Montana
BS, Montana State University

Gail Whitney
Project Coordinator, TAACCCT
MPA, Idaho State University
BA, Pacific Lutheran University

Danelle Whitten
Associate Director, Financial Aid
BAS, Montana State University-Northern
AAS, Great Falls College of Technology

Robert Williams
Maintenance Worker II

Ruth Wrightsman
Associate Professor, Biology
PhD, University of California, Irvine
BA, Anderson College

Kirk D. Zander
MBA, BS, University of Montana

Lincoln County Campus

Gregory Bruns
Navigator/Advisor AMAMII Grant
BA, University of Maryland University College
AAS, Air University, Community College of the Air Force

Janet Haines
LCC Administrative Assistant/AR and AP Technician

Dorothy Hintz
Professor, English/Humanities
MA, University of Montana
MS, BS, Indiana University

Debbie Huisentruit
Program Coordinator, Extended Learning
MHS, University of Great Falls
BS, College of Great Falls
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Jan Meadows
Coordinator, Continuing Education - Extended Learning Division
BA, University of Montana
AA, Flathead Valley Community College

Chad Shilling
Professor, Business
MBA, BS, University of Montana

Marvin Speck
Maintenance/Custodian II

Emeritus Administrator

Faith Hodges
MBA, BS, University of Montana
AAS, Flathead Valley Community College

Kathy Hughes
MEd, North Texas State University
BS, Southern Methodist University

Emeritus Dean

Mr. William McClaren
MA, Columbia University
AB, Colorado State College of Education

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Robert Beall
PhD, MS, University of Montana
BS, University of Michigan

Dr. Alexander Blood
DSc, Colorado School of Mines
BS, University of Virginia

Mr. Richard Champoux
MA, BA, University of Montana

Mr. Reginald DuMontier
MA, University of North Dakota
BA, University of Montana

Mr. Donald Garner
MS, BS, Brigham Young University

Mr. Thomas Jay
MA, BA, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Mel Jordan
PhD, University of Wyoming
MA, BA, Adams State College

Dr. Jeanette Oliver
PhD, MS, BS, Purdue University

Mr. John Rawlings
BEd, Torrens College
MFA, University of Guanajuato

Mr. William Rossiter
MA, BA, Marquette University

Mr. Richard Schaus
MS, Naval Postgraduate School
BS, University of Michigan

Dr. David Scott
EdD, University of Montana
MDiv, Garrett Theological Sem., Northwestern University
BA, University of Alabama

Mr. George Shryock
EdS, University of Montana
MA, BS, Idaho State University

Dr. Robert Zahrobsky
PhD, University of Colorado
BA, University of Illinois

Advisory Boards

Career and Technical Education Advisory Board Membership

Accounting Technology

Julie Adkins - Julie M. Adkins, CPA
Jason Brown - Automated Business Services
Amy Elletson - FVCC Business Services
Reed Gunlikson - Gunlikson CPA’s and Consultants
Don Kisler - Jordahl and Sliter
Susan Nicosia - City of Columbia Falls


Brian Bay - H.E. Robinson Vo-Ag Center
Brooke Bohannon - MSU Northwestern Ag Research Center
Gretchen Boyer - Farm Hands/Nourish the Flathead
Markus Braaten - Precision Applications
Mark Lalum - Cenex Harvest States
Pat McGlynn - Montana State University Extension
Josh Slotnick - University of Montana/Garden City Harvest
Rebecca Ulizio - Two Bear Farm
Jim Watson - Springbrook Ranch


Phil Boyce - Precision Engineering
Ned Cooney - Nonprofit Development Partnership
Heather Estrada - FVCC
Maarten Fischer - Growth through Agriculture
Hillary Ginepra - FVCC
Mike Jackson - Job Service
Tom Jay - FVCC Emeritus
Cindy Jones - Kalispell Public Schools
Margaret Lekander - Wheaton’s
Kim Morisaki - Montana West Economic Development
Chris Parson - Northwest Small Business Development Center
Jeremy Presta - Parkside Federal Credit Union
Brenda Rudolph - FVCC
Chad Shilling - FVCC Lincoln County Campus
Jan Shanahan - Montana Artrepreneurship Program
Jodi Smith - FVCC
Joe Unterreiner - Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
Jeff Wisher - Able Body Shop

Criminal Justice

Lori Adams - Kalispell Municipal Court
David Castro - Montana Probation and Parole
Ed Corrigan - Flathead County Attorney
Chuck Curry - Flathead County Sheriff
Bill Dial - Chief Whitefish Police Department
Ike Eisentraut - Moonlighting Detective Agency
Captain Hilldenstaff - Montana Highway Patrol
Roger Laferriere - Office of Emergency Services
Steven Liss - Federal Bureau of Investigation
David Perry - Columbia Falls Police Chief
Wade Rademacher - Kalispell Police Department
Steven Stow - U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
Richard Stratton - U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Culinary Arts

Josh Auerhammer - Culinary Design Studio
Mary Behrendt - Columbia Falls School District
Andy Blanton - Café Kandahar
Barb Brandt - Montana Coffee Traders
Dana Cordell - Montana Apple Barrel
Heather Estrada - FVCC
Casey Jensen - FVCC Graduate
Lori Marin - Consumer Foods
Chris McLaughlin - Tamarack Brewery
Jeff Russell - Great Northern Pasta
Hugh Yates - Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern

Early Childhood Education

Linda Crayne - Tyketown
Denice Malley - The Nurturing Center
Sue Motes - Conners, Kid Kare
Sherri Smith - Nurturing Center
Cami Stacy - Tyketown

Electrical Technology

Dick Frisk - Frisk Electric
Mark Heider - Heider Electric
Larry Langley - IBEW
Jim Michlig - Kalispell Electric

Emergency Management

Wally Bennet - Montana DNRC
Susie Burch - FVCC Continuing Education
Dave Dedman - Kalispell Fire Department
Steve Frye - Montana DNRC
Brett Lloyd - Spartan Consulting
Ken Mesch - Retired, Montana Department of Disaster and Emergency Services
Terry Mitton - City of Kalispell
Cindy Mullaney - Flathead County Office of Emergency Services
Mark Peck - Montana DNRC
Jodi Smith - Workforce Training, FVCC

Goldsmithing and Jewelry Arts

Tony Asa - Independent Goldsmith
Susie Burch - FVCC
Janet Fischer - FVCC Instructor
Nathaniel Gilham - FVCC Instructor and Graduate
Vivian Goodnight - FVCC Alum
Jill Goodson - Gemvision
Wayne Hammer - Vizit, Inc.
Karen Kolar - FVCC Instructor
Benjamin Mattison - FVCC Graduate
Murphy McMahon - Murphy McMahon & Co.

Graphic Design

Cindy Branch - 406 Woman
Bonnie Bushman - Caboodle Graphic Design
Gina Gagnon - Snowghost Design
Dwayne Harris - Flathead Beacon
Jeremiah Martin -The Zane Ray Group
Diane Mills - The Zane Ray Group
Derrick Mitchell - Mitchell’s Garage
Lisa Slagle - Wheelie Creative Design LLC

Health Occupations

Krista Andrews - Flathead Community Health Center
Chris Clouse - FVCC
Renee Jones - FVCC Graduate
Pam Klein - FVCC
Inga Lake - Agape Home Care
Kris Long - FVCC
Amy McKoon - West Flathead EMS
Myrna Ridenour - FVCC
Brenda Rudolph - FVCC
Lance Westgard - Three Rivers EMS
Jody White - Flathead Valley Community Health Center
Pat Wilson - KRH

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Terry Aubrey - Flathead Job Service
Chris Compton - HVACRedu.net
Jerry Lyford - Retired, Water Works
Gerry Nichols-Pagel - CTA
Randy Schelling - Airworks
Russ Trutzel - Johnson Controls
Debbi Waldenberg - Central Heating, Plumbing, Cooling & Electrical
Chad Wermer - KRMC
Diane and Bill Yarus - Airworks

Heavy Equipment Operator

Rob Frost - U of M COT- Missoula
Dave Landstrom - MT Fish Wildlife and Parks
Keith Ottes
Jim Reynolds - Salish-Kootenai College
Steve Settle - Settle Construction
Dave Weaver - Hanson Trucking
Mike Wilson - Timberlake Construction

Human Services

Mike Cummins - Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Program
Kim DeWitt - Community Action Partnership
Randy Kenyon - Opportunity, Inc.
Flo Kiewel Summit/Independent Living Center
Doug Nelson
Sherry Wulf - United Way

Information Technology

Joseph French - Eckstrom Consulting
Joe Hickox - Torrent Technologies
Gil Parsons - Flathead County
Glen Wehe - Evergreen School District


Jacey Barnaby - Plum Creek
Jim Drager - The Drager Group
Paddy Fleming - Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
Laura Gardner - Flathead Job Service
Greg Grace - Plum Creek
Ken Green - Timberline Tool Co.
Chris Hader - Plum Creek
Randy and Wanda Hinzman - Distinctive Countertops
Brad Heckerman - American Eagle Instruments
Chris Hyatt - Montana Firearms Institute
Trevor Kjensrud - Stoltz Land and Lumber
Wendy Koster - Diversified Plastics
Jon Kuntz - Applied Materials
Jason Manger - Applied Materials
John McGinnis - Synergy
Kim Morisaki - Montana West Economic Develoment
Bill Nicholson - Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
Steve Peace - ViZn Energy Systems
Will Schmautz - Nomad Global Communication Solutions
Jason Sonju - Sonju Industrial
Steve Thompson - Thompson Precision
Jim Wright - Proof Research

Medical Assistant

Leslie Beard - FVCC
Chris Degenhart - Glacier Maternity Women’s Center/FVCC
Craig Harrison, MD - Kalispell Gastroenterology
Kelly Leaser - KRMC
Kris Long - FVCC         
Brooke McMahon - KRMC
Sheila Morin - Big Sky Medical Clinic
Val Niles - Glacier Headache and Sleep Medicine
Rita Nixon - Family Health Clinic
Brandy Thornberry - student
Karla West - FVCC

Medical Office

Stacey Bradley - Big Sky Family Medicine
Misty Kratofil - Veterans Administration
Traci Waugh - North Valley Hospital
Vicki Wilcutt - KRMC
Deb Wolfshorndhl - KRMC

Natural Resources Conservation and Management

Mark Boardman - Stoltz Land and Lumber Co.
James Burchfield - College of Forestry and Conservation
Patrick Heffernan - PAFTI, Inc.
Brian Hobday - Stoltz Land and Lumber Co.
Dave Jones - DNRC
Jim Kranz - Plum Creek Timber
Daniel Leavell - Kootenai National Forest
Ed Lieser - U.S. Forest Service
Larry Magone
Pat McGlynn - MSU Extension
William Morgan
Roger Rettenmeier
Deborah Schmidt
Jim Williams - Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Lorrie Woods - Plum Creek Timber

Nursing Programs

Krista Andrews - Flathead Community Health Center
Tracie Belsey - FVCC LPN Graduate
Chris Bogers - North Valley Hospital
Christie Brown - Immanuel Lutheran Home
Lisa Dennison - Flathead County Health Department
Shilo Fritz - Brendan House
Betty Haas - Heritage Place
Peggy Hertlein - The Springs at Whitefish
Kathy Hughes - Community Member
Anita Ivankovig - Cabinet Peaks Medical Center
Cathy Jenkins - Libby Care Center
Emily Kevanen - Whitefish Care and Rehabilitation
Dr. TC Origitano - Neuroscience and Spine Institute
Kathy Ray - Montana Veteran’s Nursing Home
Myrna Ridenour - FVCC
Linda Schroeckenstein - Kalispell Regional Healthcare
Suzy Williams - FVCC Foundation
Pat Wilson - Kalispell Regional Healthcare


Bob Blair, MD - KRMC
James Boyce - Evergreen Fire and Rescue
Tim Brester - Polson Emergency Services
Susie Burch - FVCC
Jon Campbell - Kalispell Fire Department
Linda Chambers - ALERT
Chuck Curry - Flathead County Sheriff’s Office
Dave Dedman - Kalispell Fire Department
Heather Lackey - Whitefish Fire Department
Amy McKoon - West Flathead EMS
Michael Moxley - Program Student
Rod Schmidt - Bigfork Fire Department
Lance Westgard - Three Rivers EMS
Cole Williams - Program Graduate
Pat Wilson, RN - KRMC

Personal Trainer

Mike Baker - City Parks and Recreation
Jim Clay - Personal Trainer
Dan DePinto - The Summit
Stu Levitt - The Summit
Cathy Lisowski - The Summit
Doug Mahlum - The Wave
Lena Morrill - The Summit
Brad Roy - The Summit
Cherri Schmaus - Kalispell Athletic Club
April Terry - Kalispell Public Schools

Pharmacy Technology

Leila Avery - Walmart Pharmacy
Harley Brotherton - North Valley Hospital
Mark Donaldson - KRMC
Randy Jensen - Walgreens Pharmacy - Kalispell
Gary Morrison - The Clinical Pharmacy
Andy Norbeck - Walgreens Pharmacy - Whitefish
Tobey Schule - Sykes Pharmacy
Becky Stillo - Alpine Ridge Pharmacy
Wendy Sunde - Kmart Pharmacy
Tera Thorderson - The Clinical Pharmacy
Jerod Vradenburg - Safeway Pharmacy
Mark Walters - Shopko Pharmacy
Renee Wilkonski-Larson - Glacier Ridge Pharmacy
Jason Williams - Smith’s Pharmacy - Columbia Falls
John Wisher - Smith’s Pharmacy - Kalispell

Physical Therapist Assistant

Margaret Bartels - Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Alyssa Cox - Summit Physical Therapy
Lori Graybill - Brendan House
Patrick Gulick - Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Dorene Hay - Home Options
Larry Iwerson, M.D. - Flathead Orthopedics
Sandy Jahnson, PT
Teresa Kropp - Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Kathleen Linney, PT - Acute Physical Therapy, KRMC
Katherine Major - Mountain Physical Therapy
Kelly Malmum - Professional Therapy Associates
Brian Miller - Advanced Rehabilitation Services
Keith Ori - Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Radiologic Technology

Colleen Bench - KRMC
Anders Engdahl, MD - KRMC
Tom McFarlane - KRMC
Jana Rupp - KRMC

Support Professional

Chere Anderson - Glacier High School
Tara Barnes - Flathead High School
Valerie Cooper - LC Staffing
Mora McCarthy - Flathead Job Service
Jordan Nelson - Express Employment Professionals
Jill Sigmund - FVCC

Surgical Technology

Kathleen Bell - Program Graduate
Cara Boka, CST - KRMC
Chris Clouse - FVCC
Ben Dykstra, MD - NW Montana Surgical Assoc., PC
Cherie Gunderson - Program Student
Terry Kramer - Kramer Enterprises, Inc.
Amy Regier - Health Center Northwest


Erika Bachurski, LSI - Robert Peccia & Associates
Jeff Bell, PLS - MDOT
Andy Belski, PLS - River Design Group
Bryan Block, PLS - Block’s Surveying
Dan Brien, PLS - Sands Surveying
Robert Brown, PLS - RAB Surveying
Marc Burkhart, PLS - Flathead National Forest
James Burton, PLS
Sam Cordi, PLS - Sam Cordi Land Surveying
Michael Drenth, PLS - Eby & Associates
Jane Eby, PLS, PE - Eby & Associates
Bob Erickson, PLS - Jackola Engineering
Olaf Ervin, PLS - O C Ervin Land Surveying
Ron Gardner, PLS - TD&H Engineering
Richard Goacher, PLS - Goacher & Associates
Dawn Marquardt, PLS - Marquardt & Marquardt
Ryan Mitchell, PLS, PE - Robert Peccia & Associates
Josh Nelson, PLS - Sands Surveying
Jamie Reed, PLS - Sands Surveying
Mark Roedel, PLS - MDOT
Tom Sands, PLS - Sands Surveying
Thomas Sibson, PSL - Sam Cordi Land Surveying
Jason Smith, PLS - Robert Peccia & Associates
S. Richard Smith, PLS - Smith Surveying
Jay Squire, PLS - Jay Squire Land Surveying
Brian Sullivan, PLS - F & H Land Surveying
Richard Swan, PLS - TD&H Engineering
Greg Thurston, PLS
Jim Turner, PLS - MDOT
Jeff Underwood, PLS
Darrell Vermilyea, PLS - MDOT
Ian Wargo, PS, LSI - Robert Peccia & Associates
R. Kim Wunderlich, PLS - Glacier Surveying

Web Technology

Andy Apple - Northwest Healthcare
Mike Callaghan - Bigfork Web Development
Pete Francisco - Wheelie Creative Design LLC
Reed Gregerson - The Zane Ray Group
John Klippel - American Web Design
Andrea Korb - Whitefish Web Design
Amy Stewart - Vubiquity
Blake Stout - Torrent Technologies

Welding and Fabrication Technology

George Cobb - King Machines HAAS
Rick Donaldson - Montana Tech
Bill Gibson - Montana Tech
Charlie Rice - JORE Corp.
Dick Riebe - Riebe Machine Shop
Dick Sonju - Sonju Manufacturing