Jan 24, 2019  
2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog Archived Catalog

Transfer Programs

FVCC has developed the following curricula to assist students in planning a two-year course of study. These programs emphasize particular academic or occupational areas and are recommended to students planning careers and/or further college work in those areas. Where FVCC has a formal transfer agreement with another institution, the curriculum is designated “Transfer to _________.” The selection of programs is not limited to those listed. Students seeking emphasis in other academic areas are invited to see a counselor or academic advisor to explore other options.

Programs of study are suggested only and are kept current with the lower division requirements at the fouryear institution. Sometimes the four-year school makes subsequent changes after this catalog is printed, so it is advisable to go over the curriculum in the catalog of the four-year school a year prior to transferring to ensure all transferable courses can be taken at FVCC as some may be offered once a year.

All programs can be modified to meet individual needs and to fulfill specific degree requirements. These modifications should be made with the assistance of the student’s faculty advisor. Students planning to transfer to another institution should refer to the transfer procedure described in the Student Services section of the catalog.

For specific degree and core curriculum requirements, consult the “Academic Requirements” section. The following pages have been developed in a worksheet style to assist students in meeting graduation requirements. General Education courses can be taken in either year unless they have a prerequisite. Mark off each course as it is completed. Indicate the name and number of courses selected as electives.